• Why am I starting a business?

  • What kind of business do I want to operate?

  • What products or services will my business provide?

  • What makes my service or product unique or more valuable than others in my market?

  • Who is my competition?

  • Who is my customer?

  • Does my market provide enough potential customers to be profitable?

  • How much money do I need to get started in business and where will that money come from?

  •  How many employees do I need for proper staffing?

  •  How will I manage my business?

  •  How will I market my business to customers?

  •  Am I prepared to sacrifice my time, lifestyle, energy and money until my business is successful?

  •  Am I ok with taking risk?

  •  Am I independent?

  •  What kind of support network (family, friends, professional) can I count on?




Is Owning Your Own Business Right For You?


Start by Honestly Answering These Simple Questions

When you start a business, it’s important to have a strong support system in place.  You will be forced to make many decisions, especially in the first few months of opening your business.  Consider finding a business mentor.  A business mentor is someone who is experienced, successful, and willing to provide advice and guidance.  Give yourself an extra advantage!  Be CEED member.  With CEED, you can receive mentorship and peer support through your participate in our Peer Business Advisor Group.